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PostSubject: Hallo!   Mon Aug 30, 2010 9:58 pm

Hi! I'm Noah, I'm gonna be 17 in December, and I'm a Junior. Yeah.
I don't really have a nickname... so...
Hobbies. Hmm, I like baseball, and swimming, and sleeping (Very Happy), and EATING. Food is delicious ^_^
I guess I like to RP because it's fun to be your favorite book character. And it's fun to just relax and have some fun and meet people from all over.
My favorite HP character is probably James, which explains why I RP him. Smile
And which HP character am I most like? I dunno, probably a combination of Harry and Neville. Since Harry's brave, and smart, and Neville is... stubborn. I'm very stubborn.
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