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 George Weasley Application.

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George Weasley

George Weasley

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George Weasley Application. Empty
PostSubject: George Weasley Application.   George Weasley Application. Icon_minitimeWed Sep 01, 2010 7:07 pm

Character Name: George Weasley
Hogwarts Era: Present
Time period at Hogwarts: 1989 to 1996
House: Gryffindor
Blood Status: Pureblood, but is this part really necessary?
Picture of Character:
George Weasley Application. 1134700161_8a0ae587a5_o

George is… Pretty much hilarious, over all, and there isn’t really another way to say it. He truly enjoys making other people – and himself – laugh.
Specializing in pranks, using things invented by his twin and himself, the two became relatively popular (Among those who can take a joke. Those who can’t aren’t so fond... Honestly, George couldn’t really care less. Those who cannot take a joke are more amusing to annoy, however… Though he tries to keep the pranks from becoming cruel – his moral compass’s “cruel,” possibly not yours, though a wee bit closer than Fred’s – maybe you deserve it, you little git.)
He is also considered a flirt, though this may have been an attempt at getting over feelings for someone he didn’t think could feel the same, Angelina Johnson…

• Likes: Pranks, jokes, laughter, general hilarity, Quiddich, public speaking, family, business.
• Dislikes: Frowning, bigots, rules.
• Fears: Loss of loved ones, loss of humor, Mum when very mad.
• Goals: To make people laugh in general, to found and run a successful joke shop.
• Strengths: Humor, bravery, invention, charms, knowledge of secret passageways.
• Weaknesses: Can be a bit hopeless without his twin sometimes, cockiness, cooking, Potions, Mum's pumpkin pie.
• Quirks: Often responding to ‘Fred,’ often not responding to ‘George,’ finishing or continuing sentences started by Fred, having his sentences finished or continued by Fred, being funny when trying to be serious.


Mother: Molly Weasley
Father: Arthur Weasley
Siblings: William Weasley (brother), Charlie Weasley (brother), Percy Weasley (brother), Fred Weasley (Twin brother, identical), Ronald Weasley (brother), Ginevra Weasley (sister.)
Any other relatives you wish to mention: Angelina Weasley - née Johnson (Wife), Fred Weasley II (Son), and Roxanne Weasley (Daughter.)
It is often said, whether fondly or in a bemoaning manor, that George and Fred were wreaking havoc moments after they could crawl – About three seconds off from each other, and they’d swear the other was just waiting for the crawling one to get out of the way. Whether or not this is the truth is beside the point.
The point being that from the beginning George was close with his twin and mischievous to the very core.
Together, they caused trouble, most of it… Innocent enough. George was usually the one who knew when to stop, reigning Fred in when need be.
Despite the constant mockery they have to endure, George was – and still is - very protective of his siblings.

”Weasley, Fred.” After a long while of standing there, joking with Fred, George heard the name. He shot his twin a quick look, and received a grin and a nod. “Get on up there, Fred.” he told George.
George walked quickly up and sat down. Mere moments after the Sorting Hat was on his head, a low, dry, crackling chuckle filled the Great Hall.
“It would seem we have a doppelganger. But I do not rely on sight, George.” Came a creaky voice.
A crooked smile formed on George’s face. “We reckoned it was at least worth a try.” Someone made a move to take the Hat off of George, but it was continuing. He made a motion to tell them to leave it be.
‘Always trying new things… Brave, surely.’ The voice was in his head now. ‘Clever, but Ravenclaw would be ashamed of you-’ George laughed. ‘-Loyal, yes, but a bit scary as a Hufflepuff… You would do horribly in Slytherin for many reasons… Best be…
Applause burst from the Gryffindor table as the Sorting Hat was lifted from George’s head. He went straight down and took a seat. Mum and Dad would be happy, he reflected briefly, quickly distracted by the second year across from him.
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Fred Weasley
Fred Weasley

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George Weasley Application. Empty
PostSubject: Re: George Weasley Application.   George Weasley Application. Icon_minitimeWed Sep 01, 2010 7:15 pm

Very well done, George! ^_^


You can RP in present time, and as a parent in epilogue era.
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George Weasley Application.
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