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 Sirius Black (FINISHED~!)

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Sirius Black

Sirius Black

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PostSubject: Sirius Black (FINISHED~!)   Sirius Black (FINISHED~!) Icon_minitimeWed Sep 01, 2010 2:16 pm

Character Name: Sirius Orion Black III
Hogwarts Era: Marauders, baby!
Time period at Hogwarts: 1970-1978
House: Gryffindor
Picture of Character: Sirius Black (FINISHED~!) Neon_s11
Blood Status: Pureblood. And resenting every second of it.

The rebellious and unwilling heir to The Noble House of Black, later disowned, later framed, later dead. Sirius is basically a troublemaker and totally proud of it. He's loud and obnoxious, yet somehow makes it totally endearing. He also screws up. A lot. (*Emo voice* "I screwed up, Alot...") He's also very loyal to those he loves and plants dungbombs in the underpants of those he doesn't.

Likes: Loud rock music, motorcycles, dungbombs, Remus
Dislikes: Pureblood gits, haircuts, his family, fleas
Fears: Being "fixed", losing his friends.
Goals: To win Remus and steal him away to someplace nice like Venice or Devonshire; To save the world
Strengths: Loyalty, brutal honesty, pranking
Weaknesses: Tummy rubs, Potions (Picture the failures and explosions... Ay de mi...)
Quirks: Dog-like behavior, obsession with his own hair


Mother: Walburga Black
Father: Orion Black (O___O They were cousins?! AWK...)
Siblings: Regulus Black
Any other relatives you wish to mention: I don't honestly wish to mention Bella and Narcissa, but they ought to be included as they are pretty imporant characters. Also, Andromeda Black Tonks. And every pureblood ever born.
Biography: He was a total rich-kid-heir during his upbringing. He had fancy clothes that itched. He had nannies. He had ballroom dancing and piano lessons. He was told to be polite while Deatheaters were over for tea. He spent a good deal of his early years playing with his three older cousins, which was probably emotionally scarring. When he reached Hogwarts, he desperately attempted to throw every last word of this paragraph into a rubbish bin.

Another frightened eleven-year-old was pushed up towards the stool. He attempted pathetically to square his shoulders and took a deep breath, lifting the nasty-looking hat and letting the brim slide past his nose. The voice spoke in his ear.
"Another Black? Honestly, how many of you are there? Well, whatever. You'll be a Slytherin like the rest, won't you?". The hat sounded bored, "Lets just double-check, of course. I'm not supposed to be biased, anyhow, am I?"
Sirius felt himself grin slightly. Yeah, hat. Double-check. I'm not like the rest.
"Oh you aren't, are you?" If the hat had eyes, they'd have been rolling. "Hm, though. You're quite more interesting. A little rebel, here? And you seem to have friends, isn't that cute? No, your family wouldn't like them at all. You're a brave one. Well then," the voice dropped conspiratorially, "let's add to the rebellion, shall we? No way to do that from Slytherin easily. No, it's definite..."
Applause burst from the gold and red tables and he glanced back nervously at James, Remus, and Peter, who still waited in line. James gave him the thumbs-up; Peter, a weak imitation. But for whatever reason, it was the weird bookworm kid's smile that made him smile back before he rushed off towards the waiting Gryffindors. This is going to be okay, Sirius told himself.

(Crap. I went over 200, didn't I? Well, deal with it. I needed to add Wolfstar foreshadowing somehow .)
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Lily Evans
Lily Evans

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Sirius Black (FINISHED~!) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sirius Black (FINISHED~!)   Sirius Black (FINISHED~!) Icon_minitimeWed Sep 01, 2010 4:09 pm

You are ACCEPTED, (hah, of course). Have fun ^_^
You can RP in Marauder's Era and Present Generation from Harry's 4th to 5th year.
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Sirius Black (FINISHED~!)
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