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 Lily Evans [Finished!]

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Lily Evans
Lily Evans

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Character Name: Lily Evans
Hogwarts Era: Marauder's Era
Time period at Hogwarts: 1971 to 1978
House: Gryffindor
Blood Status: Muggle Born
Picture of Character:
Lily Evans [Finished!] Qrizoo

Lily is what one would call a bookworm. She's introverted and a little shy, but not overtly so. She's extremely loyal and protective of her friends, and willing to fight for what she believes in. Her temper is as fiery as her hair. She strives to be the top of her class and excel in academics. She doesn't have many friends and keeps mainly to herself, preferring a small group of close people.

  • Likes: Reading, Poetry, Singing, Charms, Earrings
  • Dislikes: Obnoxious and arrogant gits (Potter), Prejudice, Laziness, Bullies
  • Fears: Losing the ones she loves, Failing to succeed in reaching her goals
  • Goals: To be Top of her class, to be Head Girl, to become a Healer, to have a family. To fight Voldemort.
  • Strengths: Potions, Charms, Studying
  • Weaknesses: Transfiguration, Dealing with Emotions, Sadness
  • Quirks:Lily needs to chew gum when nervous, she spends most of the time blushing, she's sarcastic when feeling threatened or anxious

Mother: Rose Evans
Father: Johnathan Evans
Siblings: Petunia Evans
Growing up as a muggle was enjoyable for Lily. Family life was relatively normal and pleasant. She attended muggle primary school, though odd things happened to her. Once, she was trying to reach a cup in the highest cupboard, which she obviously couldn't reach, and the beverage container magically floated down into her hand. Needless to say, her family was very confused.

Lily was very close with her sister Petunia, up until she befriended a boy her age in their neighborhood. A boy named Severus Snape. The two became great friends, and it was eventually he who told her all about Hogwarts and her being a witch. Lily being a witch was what tore the two sisters' bond apart. Now, Lily and Petunia barely speak to each other. If they do, it's usually through harsh and sarcastic comments.

A hat. The anxiety that had bubbled up in Lily's stomach suddenly dissipated into curiosity and anger. A hat! She had been waiting months, debating with herself on how she'd be sorted. Would it be through some kind of duel? A test of knowledge? A personality test, even? No. It was simply a hat. A very old looking one, too. She couldn't stop the frown that formed on her face.

However, this hat wasn't as disappointing as she had first thought. A stern looking woman, whom Lily decided she liked, took out a scroll and called out the first student's name. They sat on the stool and within five seconds, the hat spoke, calling out the name of one of the four Hogwart's Houses. Lily was shocked to say the least. And intrigued. How could such a decrepit object act like that? It was very interesting.

"Evans, Lily." A small knot of anxiety form in Lily's stomach when the woman called her name. What if the hat put her in Slytherin? She knew Severus wanted to be there, however, the things she had heard about that house were less than pleasant. Especially for Muggle borns. Shaking slightly with anxiety, she sat on the chair, the hat placed on her head.

Ah, a bright mind, I see... You'd do well in Ravenclaw... A creaky voice entered her head. Lily fought back a small shriek of shock. She had not been expecting that.

Please. Put me where I'll do best. She begged.

A strong will to achieve great things... A strong sense of who you are... Best be...

"GRYFFINDOR!" The hoarse voice from her mind was now shouting out loud. Silently, though a sense of relief washed through her, she slid off the chair and went to go join her house, casting one last look behind her, at Severus. He didn't look happy.
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Lily Evans [Finished!]
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