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 Luna Lovegood ~finished~

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Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood

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PostSubject: Luna Lovegood ~finished~   Luna Lovegood ~finished~ Icon_minitimeTue Aug 31, 2010 7:25 pm


Character Name: Luna Lovegood

Hogwarts Era: Present

Time Period at Hogwarts: 1992-1999

Blood Status: Half-blood

Picture of Character: Luna Lovegood ~finished~ Luna_Lovegood_by_marisaotakuCSI


There has always been something off about Luna. It's not that she's not intelligent, she just has a different way of viewing the world. Not clotted with silly worries of reputation or appearance, her mind is free to think wild thoughts. Luna is often quite positive and very calm. To others it may seem she is off in another world, but that world seems to make her happy, so why disturb it?

Luna believes in a number of fantastical beings that she hears about from her father's magazine, The Quibbler. Her sense of style is also very unique and her clothes are usually for luck or warding off bad things. These habits cause others to dislike and ridicule her, but she does not let it get her down. Despite their mocking, Luna is acceptant of most people and holds true to her beliefs.

  • The Quibbler

  • Jewelry and good luck charms

  • Openminded people

  • Drawing

  • People who can't even take the time to think about another view

  • Dancing

  • Being ordinary

  • Dueling

  • Inventing

  • Able to cast a Patronus charm

  • A unique way of seeing things

  • Unpopular

  • Perhaps, insane

  • Believes in many maybe nonexistent creatures and rumors

  • Often lost in another world

  • Wears strange clothing, such as her Gryffindor hat


Mother: Lorelei Lovegood(née Carwin), dead, but I'll see her again one day.

Father: Xenophilius Lovegood, editor of The Quibbler.

Siblings: None.

Other Relatives: My husband, Rolf Scamander, and my sons, Lysander and Lorcan.

Luna grew up in an interesting home, what with her father's beliefs and all. It was cheerful, nonetheless, and influenced her tremendously. Of course, not everything stays perfect. When she was 9, tragedy struck. Her mother, a very creative witch, had been experimenting with a new spell she had just invented. The spell went haywire, and in turn Luna's mother died.

This event left a lasting mark on Xenophilius and Luna, the former of which ended up raising her. The two carried on with their dreamy lives together up until Luna was 11. That year, as was normal, she received her acceptance letter for Hogwarts. Excited, she at once began packing her trunk with trinkets to ward off blibbering humdingers. You never know when one will sneak up behind you!


Luna glanced around the hall, not really at the people, or the furniture, or even the floors and walls. "Luna Lovegood!" a voice called, and she slightly shifted her focus. They must want me to come forward, I suppose, for sorting. She half skipped, half walked, to the stool and sat down, smiling. An old hat was placed upon her head, and she waited, staring blankly.

"You seem to be quite intelligent..." a voice said from above her.

Oh an enchanted hat! This is wonderful! Now if only I could find a moon frog here! I believe you can hear my thoughts?

"Well yes... you must be rather well learned to have guessed so. Even with your strange sense of reality... Such a way of looking at things! And a bright mind, nonetheless. It must be..."


Luna grinned, sure this must be good. Ravenclaw sounded fantastical and beautiful and she already had a wondrous feeling about it. Looking up, she wondered if her mother and father had been in the same house. The thought was merely out of curiosity as she knew her parents would not have cared about houses. Maybe this year she'll discover a nargle!
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Lily Evans
Lily Evans

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Luna Lovegood ~finished~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Luna Lovegood ~finished~   Luna Lovegood ~finished~ Icon_minitimeTue Aug 31, 2010 9:42 pm

Ah, very nice, indeed ^_^


Also, if you want to RP for the Next Generation, you may, but simply for family matters. Have fun~!
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Luna Lovegood ~finished~
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